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Love is an energy of the Highest Vibration

It is essential to life and to all healing that takes place, in everything, everywhere.


As you've probably gathered by now, I am passionate about learning, teaching, and healing with energy.

Throughout the years I have studied many different healing energy-meridian modalities; Massage, Reiki, Crystals, Meditation, Qigong, Chakras, Sound & Color Therapy, Thought Field Therapy (EFT, Tapping) and Light Healing Codes to mention a few. 

I have had many opportunities to practice my energy healing skills on myself, my family, friends, and countless clients worldwide. I have had to stand back in awe, gratitude and amazement at the results and improvements these healing techniques have made in every case. 

Did you know I love to fish the waterways in the Pacific Northwest?


We would love to assist you on your healing  journey!

 Thank-you for giving us the opportunity to work with you. Please accept our blessing and most sincere thanks for the trust you place in us.



Dr. Tim Warren’s passion for chiropractic and nutritional health are the foundation of his practice. His goal is to work with patients from the whole person perspective by examining not only the body, but also diet and lifestyle. 

A firm believer in natural health, Dr. Warren has seen the many benefits of using hands-on healing and supplements to bring the body back into balance, including his own health journey.

Did you know Dr. Warren rides a motorcycle and loves to take landscape photos across the Pacific Northwest?

Stop in today or call for an appointment (253) 876-4256! 

We would love to get to know you!

Linda thank you so much for your care, compassion and skills, in keeping me calm and relaxed. While helping my husband who has Parkinson's maintain his health and wellbeing. 


We love Dr. Warren! He adjusted my fussy 2 week old who is now sleeping much better! Best chiropractor around and he truly cares about his patients. I'm glad I had found him while pregnant as I'm positive it's the reason for my easy natural labor!! In addition to taking excellent care of this busy mom's back. 


I've been through a very, very rough-- TRAUMATIC-- couple of years and Linda has not only been "a massage therapist", but she has also counseled and encouraged me often regarding how to pick myself up off the floor and get moving in the right direction again. She is direct, caring, empathetic, extremely humorous and, most importantly, very accurate with her insights. Thank you!


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